Automation projects

Delivering power and safety in automation

DESIGN: We conceive, draw and develop the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components entirely in-house. The machine controls are also programmed by our own automation engineers.

EXECUTION: We assemble the machine in our workshop or at your premises, after which it is subjected to extensive testing.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE: After commissioning, we are always at your disposal to ensure the continuity of your machine and we take care of the required maintenance.

As a ONE-STOP SHOP, AHP assists you in every phase of the project development. Every aspect of the projects is developed in-house. Thanks to the many years of expertise of our multidisciplinary team, we are able to develop and implement both the hydraulic hardware and the corresponding software and machine control. Since we fully control the process from mechanical design to final realisation, we are able to realise projects in record time and guarantee the quality of the end product. We fine-tune the machine according to your personal needs and wishes and offer you the appropriate after-sales service.


Do you have an existing system that does not meet your requirements? We also take care of existing systems to ensure that they meet today's requirements.

Mobile applications/Machine automation

Specialised in closed loop systems, AHP Hydraulics is capable of developing the most complex hydrostatic drive systems.  For the automation of these systems we have specific know-how in the field of control engineering and machine control.

Since 2010 AHP Hydraulics is strongly committed to develop knowledge on closed loop systems. We are specialised in ship winch drives and travel drives of agricultural and railway machines. 

As Advanced Partner of Danfoss, a complete and integrated system is always developed with robust Danfoss material:

Hydraulic drive elements I  Controllers (Plus +1)  Displays (Visualisations)  I  Sensors I  Joysticks  I   Embedded software 

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Industrial applications/Machine automation

With our extensive expertise in hydraulic systems, we help you tackle a diverse range of industrial applications, from robust installations to precision-focused R&D projects.

For industrial automation, we use Beckhoff PLCs and their associated HMIs, providing intuitive visualizations and control options to optimize machinery performance.

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Hardware / software

For a quality user experience, an optimal match between hardware and software is paramount. We extensively studied the cooperation between our hydraulic components and the components we use for machine control. We offer complete systems of which the entire machine with its corresponding control system is developed and built in-house. As a result, we do not depend on third parties for the selection of our material and we can always guarantee an outstanding interaction between our hardware and software.

What we offer:

I  Hydraulic installation I Electrical installation (cabinet construction and cabling) I Software programming / Machine control


Whether you are exploring the possibilities of electrification for the first time or want to upgrade your current installation, AHP Hydraulics is here to support you at every step. With our expertise and commitment to innovation, we aim to be your reliable partner in propelling your business towards a future powered by electrified mobile machines.

3D visualisations

Everything is designed internally by our design team. They provide the necessary documentation for your installation.

  • Mechanical design
  • Hydraulic diagram
  • Electrical diagram

Intelligent workflow

Problem definition

We always start with an introductory meeting. During this conversation, you describe your needs, wishes and requirements, which gives us a good indication of what we could mean for you.


We get started with the technical data that we obtained during the introductory meeting. We draw up a detailed proposal and give feedback and discuss the possibilities. Finally, we arrive at the ideal tailor-made solution.

Study / elaboration

The final proposal is thoroughly elaborated by our engineering team. After having carried out the required analyses, the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical diagrams are drawn up and the machine controls are programmed.


The entire installation is assembled (in our workshop or directly at an agreed location), parameterised and tested.


Once the system has passed all the tests, it is ready for commissioning.

After-sales service

After delivery, we are always at your disposal to provide the necessary service with regard to the installation (inquiries, unplanned downtimes, periodic maintenance, etc.).