Pump and motor repairs

State of the art test bench

After undergoing a repair or overhaul procedure, each pump and motor is placed on our self-developed test bench.  This way we ensure :

I Correct operation (efficiency and power)
I Correct adjustment
I Test report
I Motor tested as a motor (not as a pump)
I Testing for adjustable oil temperature
I In addition to repairing your pump or motor, we can also advise you on how to prevent damage to your product.


Thanks to our field service, we can carry out repairs both in our workshop and on site.

As an Advanced Partner of Danfoss, we are your preferred partner for repairs of Danfoss products. But you can also contact us for repairs of other brands such as Bosch Rexroth, Linde, Denison, Parker, Eaton, Kawasaki, etc.:

Types of pumps/motors

I Axial piston pumps/axial piston motors
I Radial piston pumps/ radial piston motors
I Gear pumps/ gear motors
I Rotary vane pumps
I Orbital motors

State of the art test bench

The test bench was developed entirely in-house. Many features were implemented to allow for optimal testing of every type of pump and motor, up to a power of 330 kW. At AHP hydraulics motors are tested on the test bench as a motor, and not as a pump, by mechanically stressing the motor. The test bench is equipped with an energy recuperation feature, which enables us to test high outputs and thus to test pumps and motors with a large swept volume at their maximum output. This energy recuperation is unique and illustrates the expertise that AHP can offer you.